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The T.A.G. SMIL Editors, Part 3

By Scott Clark The T.A.G. SMIL Editor 1.0 features not only a WYSIWYG editor, but also a text editor so you can tweak your SMIL code. The T.A.G. SMIL Editor 1.0 also features a wizard...and this one works! If you're familiar with the RealNetworks RealSystem G2 SMIL Wizard, then the T.A.G. SMIL Editor will be a welcome sight.
The T.A.G. SMIL Editor Wizard
Figure 2: The T.A.G. SMIL Editor Wizard
The wizard (See Figure 2) allows the developer to choose the type of SMIL presentation they wish to create, and then it walks them through the steps, which consists of:
  • choosing the SMIL template
  • adding the media files
  • adding the Title, Name and Copyright information
  • clicking "Finish"
The new SMIL presentation is then ready to be tested in the WYSIWYG area of the editor, or tested in the Real G2 Player. When I tested the presentation, it worked flawlessly! The SMIL code is displayed within the editor to be further edited, (See Figure 3) if need be, or it can be saved at this point.

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