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SMIL Tools To Get the Job Done, Part 2

By Scott Clark Working with the SMIL file... The Tag Chooser enables you to drag and drop any SMIL tag into a document. Another aspect of the SMIL Tag Pack is the Tag Editing Dialogs, which make you aware of all of the allowable attributes and values for SMIL, RTML (RealText) and IMFL ("Integrated Media," or RealPix) tags. As you are manually writing the SMIL code, HomeSite's "Tag Insight" presents, as you position your mouse on a tag, SMIL attributes and values. All of these functions enable the developer to save time and effort, and learn SMIL as they are coding. Another feature that comes with the SMIL Tag Pack (and integrates into HomeSite) is the Interactive HTML Help system, which includes:
  • Introduction
  • RealText Creation
  • WINDOW tag options
  • Text Tags
  • RealText examples
  • summeries of RealText tags and WINDOW tag options
  • RealNetworks SMIL Overview
  • The W3C SMIL Specification
If you've ever read our review of HomeSite, you know that you'd have a hard time finding a more full-featured HTML editor. With the addition of the SMIL Tag Pack, Allaire has continued to extend the feature set to include the latest technology, proving that they will not leave their users behind as the Web continues to grow. RealNetwork's SMIL Presentation Wizard
We covered most of the features of this tool in our first SMIL Tutorial, but we'll gloss over it to refresh your memory now. The SMIL Presentation Wizard presumes that you have already created your RealText and RealPix files, and have already encoded your audio or video track as well. The tool enables you to choose from a list of 11 SMIL templates, each designed with a specific purpose in mind:
  • Audio Mix
  • Classified
  • Closed Caption
  • Headline News
  • Image Collage
  • Karaoke
  • Real Flash
  • Slideshow
  • Song Lyrics
  • Station Identification
  • Talking Banner
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This article first appeared in June, 1998.

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