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The reviews, tutorials, and other articles on WebDeveloper.com are written by a variety of authors. A short bio is provided below for each one.

[We do our best to keep the information (i.e., e-mail addresses, Websites) current but some of it may be out-of-date. If you have up-to-date information, please contact us.]

• Wayne Bremser
Wayne is a professional Web designer at Art & Science W3 Development Ltd., and also maintains an art/literary site at beatthief.com.

• Heidi Brumbaugh
Heidi has been a writer and editor in the computer publishing industry for several years. Feel free to visit her home page.
Email: heidi_b@pacbell.net

• Glenn Fleishman
Glenn is a Catalog Manager at Amazon.com
Email: glennf@amazon.com

• J.M. Ivler
J.M. Ivler owns Infobahn Xpress, a WWW consultancy, and is currently working at Information Management Systems as their Internet Specialist. His Prentice-Hall book, Web Programming in Tcl and Perl, can be found at fine bookstores everywhere.
Email: ivler@i-xpress.com

• David Lawrence
David produces online areas for America Online and develops Web sites for fun and profit. His book, Learn HTML on the Macintosh, is published by Addison-Wesley. He can also be reached at LearnHTML@aol.com.
Email: david@davids.com

• Mark C. Reynolds
Mark is a network protocol designer, Java programmer, computer animator, and fanatic mountaineer. He currently consults to Adaptive Optics Associates, a United Technologies company.
Email: mark@aoa.aoainc.com

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