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Beginners Guide to CGI in Perl

by Nathan Poole

Let's open MS-DOS and type the following

cd C:\Perl.in.

We do all our Perl work in C:\Perl.in so we can keep track of our files. Next, type Edit 1.pl which will open MS-DOS's text editor. Type the following on your screen.

print "Hello World!";

Next, save that file and exit (FILE->SAVE -- FILE->EXIT) and type perl 1.pl.

No prizes for guessing what this does. By now you should have the text "Hello World!" on your screen. Not too difficult yet is it?

A little more advanced

Now that we've used your perl path, and we've used your print statement, let's try using a variable ($) with an if statement. Type edit 2.pl at your MS-DOS prompt and type the following in.

$myname = "Nathan Poole";

if ($myname eq "Nathan Poole") {
print "Yes, it's Nathan alright";

Go to file, then save, then exit. You should now be back at the DOS prompt. Type perl 2.pl. WOW! It worked! You just made 2 programs in about 10 minutes. Not bad for a beginner. Until next week when I conclude this article with a tutorial on creating your first CGI program, let me know if you had any problems with this tutorial, did everything work out for you? Too easy? Too hard? My mailbox is always open.

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