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CGI Tools

  • WebForms
    This is a slick tool that enables you to create forms for your site, along with the backend you need to process them.
  • CGIstar
    "The internet tool that makes web form creation easy." No programming or CGI knowledge required!
  • JShop
    If you're looking for a shopping cart, let along a free one, you simply must check out JShop.
  • FormRunner!
    A Configurable Web Form Processing Tool which enables you to process your forms through a single CGI program, written in C. No CGI programming required.
  • Libcgi
    Libcgi is a CGI library written in C, which makes writing C CGI applications trivial even for inexperienced developers.
  • The Ultimate BBS
    Not only do they have a free version, but the commercial versions are very reasonable, and have most of the features of the "big boys" of the discussion forum industry. To see it in action, visit WebReference's UBB.
  • WWWBoard
    WWWBoard is the famous free threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages, followup to existing ones and more.
  • meep!Board
    meep!Board is a free message board system for Unix. Uses Perl5.
  • Discus
    Discus is a popular free WWW discussion board software package that can be installed on a unix or a Windows 95 web server.
  • Talkback
    This tool lets folks fill out forms on your site, and when they submit the form, you get a pop-up box on your machine telling you what they've submitted. Primarily for help desk situations.
  • PolyForm CGI for NT
    PolyForm is the famous tool from O'Reilly which enables developers to create and handle forms on their site, with no programming. For Microsoft Windows 95/NT.
  • HTML Script
    "The document is the application." HTMLscript (now called Miva) is a scripting language which enables developers to create interactive, dynamic Web sites, and the backend processing for these sites.
  • Visual CGI
    This tool lets you program CGI applications in Visual Basic, efficiently, easily, and even a bit visually.
  • CyberCart
    CyberCart is designed for Internet Service Providers, HTML consultants, and Webmasters who would like to offer small businesses a way to sell products on the Internet. Available for Windows and Unix.
  • PowerCart II
    Commerical shopping cart software which doesn't run on your own server.
  • iPerForm
    PerForm is a server side scripting language for Windows NT which can be used to create online catalog ordering systems, automatic Web page generators, online discussion forums, surveys, guestbooks, etc.
  • WebCart
    Commercial shopping cart system for Microsoft Windows and Unix.
  • FormPal
    FormPal is a CGI script creator For Web forms. For Windows 95/NT.

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