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Raised Type in Photoshop 6

by Nathan Segal

For this effect, start with a new RGB canvas with a white foreground and black background. Next, type some text (a wide font with rounded edges like Times New Roman Bold works well). Click on the Checkmark in the Tool Options bar to commit your changes to the Type Layer.

Now, access the Select menu and Load the Selection. Once the Selection is loaded, access the Select Menu again and save the Selection as a New Channel with the file name #2. At this point, you will have two Layers. Click on CTRL+E to Merge the Layers, (CMD+E on the Macintosh).








Next, access the Channels palette and click on channel #2 (if the Channels palette is not active, go to Windows: Show Channels to activate it).

Note: If your text is selected, deselect it or the Blur filter will not work properly.

From there, access Filter: Blur: Gaussian Blur and choose a setting of 3.0 (this setting will vary depending on the font size).








Next, click on the RGB channel and from the menu bar, click on Select: Load Selection and click on OK.

At this point, you will add a gradient. Take care not to remove the selection, then select the Gradient tool and drag it vertically over the letters from top to bottom or bottom to top. Next, use the arrow keys and move the selection two pixels to the left (press the left arrow twice) and 2 pixels upwards (press the up arrow twice).





Making sure not to remove the selection, go to the menu bar and choose Image: Adjust: Invert. Now, remove the selection. The last step is to colorize your text. From the menu bar, access Image: Adjust: Hue/Saturation. Enable the Colorize checkbox, then adjust Saturation and Hue to create an effect that appeals to you.

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