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Software Review:NetGraphics Studio

Welcome to the developer's Gallery...
HomeSite's Quick Start Wizard
Figure 1: NetGraphics Gallery Tool
The NetGraphics Gallery (See Figure 1) allows you to view the more than 2000 royalty-free PhotoCraft images. They are available in categories, including:
  • animals
  • people
  • food
  • sports
  • communications
  • transportation
  • home
  • special occations
All of the graphics utilize transparent backgrounds, and come in a base resolution of 600X600, so they can be used in both print and online media. The Gallery utility even enables you to search through all the images on the CD using a standard searching form. Additionally, the Gallery can export your images directly to the Internet, or it can save the file to a Targa, TIF or Sun Raster format on your local drive. The Gallery is integrated with the Optimizer, and you can double-click on an image to import the selected graphic into the Optimizer to work on it. You are also able to drag-and-drop images from the Gallery into the Optimizer, however, when I tried to do that it caused the image to become off-color in the Optimizer. Importing the image into the Optimizer by double-clicking did not cause this problem. While the collection of images is vast, and I can see a use for many of them, the professional developers out there will still be better off avoiding their use. These type of graphics are best used on personal homepages, not corporate Web sites.
This article first appeared in March, 1998.

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