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Adobe ImageReady 1.0Part 2

By Scott Clark Industry-leading graphic utility for the Web

Finally, an Adobe graphics tool for Web designers.

Several features of ImageReady stand out for Web designers:
  • LiveView window - this enables the designer to view the original and the compressed image side-by-side for comparison
  • Optimize palette - gives the designer interactive control over the compression options for GIF, JPEG, PNG=8 and PNG-24 files
  • Previewing capabilities - enables you to preview the image by simulating browser dither, or you can preview it live in the browser of choice
  • Animation palette - integrated tool (See Figure 2) for creating and editing GIF animations
  • Client-side image maps - the ability to assign URLs to layers in an image
  • the Core set of imaging tools - really a subset of Photoshop, including key tools, resizing commands, image adjustment commands and filters
The Animation palette
Figure 2. The ImageReady Animation palette
Another unique feature of ImageReady is located at the bottom of the image you are working on. By clicking on the bottom of the image window (See Figure 3), you can view the image size, deminsions and the download time at 14.4/28.8. You can also, at any time, view the same information for the optimized image. Both views of the image may be seen by clicking on the "Optimized" or "Original" tab of the image.
The Image Ready image window
Figure 3. The ImageReady image window

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