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Adobe ImageReady 1.0Part 3

By Scott Clark It got beta... July 1998 update: since our review of the beta, ImageReady has started shipping. Here are some of the improvements in the released version, according to Adobe:
  • Improved color reduction. They improved the Adaptive and Perceptual algorithms and added a third choice, Selective, which is faster than the others and particularly good at holding solid colors in a graphic and not shifting them.
  • Three different styles of type anti-aliasing: Strong (which slightly increases type weight), Smooth (which creates type at a larger size and downsamples to smooth the edges), and Crisp (the original technique which provides sharper type).
  • Improved Watermark Strength readout (in the info box on the botom of the LiveView window) of the Digimarc watermark strength as read from the optimized image (the watermark itself is applied to the original, 24-bit image). This feature was improved to match the technique used by Digimarc's MarcSpider service (which searches the Web for watermarked images and reports their locations back to the registered owners). If ImageReady's watermark strength readout registers a mark, the image is marked strongly enough for MarcSpider to detect it.
  • Create Guides feature. When laying out a series of buttons or other elements, this command lets you automatically generate evenly-spaced guides.
  • Polygon Lasso. This new tool works just like Photoshop's poly lasso.
This article first appeared in April, 1998.
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