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Software Review:JASC Paint Shop Pro 5(Part 3)

Special Features
  • Create Adobe Photoshop-compatible custom-shaped brush tips
  • Full multiple-layer Adobe Photoshop file format (PSD) support
  • Support of Adobe Photoshop file format plug-ins
  • Picture Tube brushes allow you to easily paint with realistic graphic elements
  • Clone and paint with any area of your image
  • Flood fill tool allows solid fills, as well as custom patterned, linear, rectangular, sunburst and radial gradients
  • Normal and Bezier line tools
  • Includes line and filled object shapes
  • Create composite images with multiple layers support
  • Comprehensive blend mode controls control layer interactivity
  • Layer grouping, naming, ordering and visibility for efficient editing
  • Merge and flatten layers to combine elements together
  • Magic Wand tool to select an area of a particular color, hue, or brightness
  • Photography tools allow you to dodge and burn images for exposure correction, and adjust color levels
  • Resize images based on physical size or percentages
  • Resizing options include smart, bilinear, bicubic and pixel sizing
  • Includes special effects filters, such as buttonize, chisel, cutout and drop shadow
  • Image deformations include circle, cylinder, pentagon, perspective, pinch, punch and skew
  • Standard image filters include Gaussian blur, edge, noise, sharpen, dilate, emboss, erode, hot wax and mosaic
  • Create your own image filters
  • Use the Color Replacement tool to easily replace selected colors
  • Create and print CMYK color separations
  • Separate, edit and combine CMYK, HSL and RGB color channels on screen
  • Histogram support let you equalize and stretch RGB and luminance values
  • Pressure-sensitive tablet support
  • Direct interface support for Kodak DC40, DC50 and DC120 digital cameras
  • Enhanced TWAIN device support for scanners and digital cameras
  • Batch file format conversion
  • Built-in screen capture utility allows you to capture a variety of screen elements with "hot key" activation
  • Microsoft Explorer-style thumbnail image browser
  • Native 24-bit image editing mode for photo-realistic color editing
  • Support for transparency in animations
  • On-screen image editing functionality allows for simple touchups and frame modification
  • Animation Wizard creates new animations from existing animated and still-image files
  • Cut and copy frames from file to file, or within the same file, with drag-and-drop editing
  • Customizable frame transitions and effects
  • Customizable text effects include back lit, highlight, flag, drop shadow and bounce
  • Automatically renders image and text effects for instant preview
  • Over 40 graphic file formats supported, including BMP, CDR*, CGM*, CLP, CMX*, CUT, DCX*, DIB, DRW*, DXF*, EMF, EPS+, FPX, GEM*, GIF, HGL*, IFF, IMG, JPG, KDC*, LBM, MAC, MSP, PBM, PCD*, PCT, PCX, PGM, PIC, PIC, PNG, PPM, PSD, PSP, RAS, RAW, RLE, SCT, TGA, TIF, WMF, WPG, WPG (Vector)*
    * Read Only, + Write Only [ Move on to the next part of the review ] This article first appeared in May, 1998.
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