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Web Dev Questions and Answers from the Archives

  1. Is there a JavaScript coding, or some type of browser-friendly & easy way, to put the copyright text in one area of the various sites' server so each page can refer to and show the copyright text on each web page?

  2. I'm trying to process three consecutive text areas (3 different questions for the user to answer). Without using a CGIscript, how can I process these forms, via e-mail, with only one submit button?

  3. I want to put a print button on the Webpage outside the iframe that will print the contents of the iframe.

  4. What is difference between post and get method?

  5. How do I get the page background to change if a color on the grid is clicked and then how to reset back to normal?

  6. I would like to wrap my text around an image in a table (like in a professional newspaper).

  7. How do you embed multiple audio files and allow the user to choose what song they want to hear?

  8. What language do I learn for server side processing?

  9. I want to send a student status to the Microsoft Access database base on their performing in the tutorial page. How can I deal with that?

  10. Is there a way to pull info (e.g., a table full of data) from another Web page into the current page every time the current page is opened or refreshed?

  11. How can I get the users to the page they came from?

  12. Can you help by providing me the syntax for using more that one return Function on onSubmit event of form?

  13. Is there a HTML code that I can add to the Website that would make it compatible to IE and Netscape users?

  14. How can you tell the difference if they both are requesting or retrieving files for the Webpage?

  15. What is the difference between a hit and a visit on a Website?

  16. How do I set/change a forms recipient value using a select button?

  17. What does it mean when I can not open a site on the Internet and when in the bottom left there is something about JavaScript?

  18. I want that picture and the associated link to change for each day of the week.

  19. How can I trace someone by using their IP address?

  20. I am a new Web developer. How do I have my client view their new site online before it goes live?

  21. I would like to create text links in HTML that do not display with the standard underline.

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