DevX is a sister-site to WebDeveloper. The DevX Tip Bank is a place where you can share your knowledge and expertise with other programmers and developers. You can submit any simple solution, trick, or little-known workaround to solve or speed a specific issue that other developers might encounter, so long as it is your own, original work and previously unpublished.

What is a Tip, Trick, or Workaround?

Simply put, a submission is a couple of paragraphs and/ or a code snippet with descriptive text. It is provided with the intent to help others. It will generally focus on one idea or topic. Granted, tips can also be more complex with more text and code, but often short and to the point is best. The topic needs to be something not already covered in the Tip Bank.

Sharing pays

For a short time as a token of our appreciation for people submitting regularly, if you submit 10 tips that we publish, then we will provide you with a $50 gift card to (Well email you a gift code). You will have the opportunity to earn up $50 a month and up to $500 over the course of a year by simply submitting tips!

How to submit

You can submit by using the form on DevX at:

You should use the same name and email address for your submissions. You can also email us at with your tip. Include DevX Tip: <name of tip> in your subject line.

This program starts October 5th and will end December 31st, 2015 unless extended.


Bottom line, we are trying to do something nice for those that contribute, but our legal people say we need to make sure we protect ourselves from any issues that might come up. As such, we need to say some of the following things. We reserve judgment on what will be published. Submissions must be original, unpublished work. All rights to the submission become ours -- the property of DevX and QuinStreet Enterprise. This program can be changed or ended at any time. No compensation will be provided for unpublished submissions. A limited amount will be paid each month. Once the maximum is paid, we will hold submissions for the next month. We intend for gift cards to be provided as a code via email. Submitter is responsible for all taxes and other legal responsibilities related to receiving the gift card or code. Tips submitted prior to October 5st, 2015 will not be eligible for counting towards this program.

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