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  1. Why yes indeed...

    My server is hosted from under my desk at home. I have SSH, SFTP, and physical access to it. I'm pretty sure I have LAMP installed as well. It's a relatively low-traffic site if that matters at...
  2. Thanks coothead! The button works great but...

    Thanks coothead!

    The button works great but I'm looking to add a tad more funtionality:

    Could the button somehow recall how many times it's been pressed?

    For instance, I press the button...
  3. Simple Coding Project: Button with Global Counter

    Hey there

    I'm learning the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript and I have an easy project to anyone who would oblige.

    I need a button (nothing fancy, just a regular button) that displays the...
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    Original Date Question

    Great! Thanks so much. I'm a little confused as to the "alert". I turned the whole thing into an HTML page and it works, but as to the continuity of the timer, I realize it is beyond my grasp. ...
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    Need help with javascript counter

    Hey there. I'm a semi-newbie and was wondering if anyone could help me build a simple JS counter that essentially do this:

    A)Would start at a custom defined number (ie 5000)

    B)Count up by a...
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