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  1. THANKS for the HELP!

    THANKS for the HELP!
  2. Changing the function NAMEHERE(value) { and...

    Changing the function NAMEHERE(value) {
    and onchange="namehere(this.value)" of the sliders
    did the trick. So simple, theres a pattern to reading javascript
    I must figure out.

  3. Mercy Mercy ME!

    Thanks for the alternative working example. I see a single function that targets the element's id designated in the onchange="rotate('#ID',this.value)" of each button element instead of the...
  4. [RESOLVED] Why won't my dear input sliders cohere to javascript properly ?

    I'm having difficulty assigning separate connections between the javascript and input range sliders. I realize there's no designation call to the sliders as needed. My knowledge is limited.

  5. Would a frequently updated sub-domain overshadow my website in search results?

    How can I prevent my blog from burying the main domain in search results?

    Pretty sure Google doesn't handle subdomains any differently, and pages that generate more traffic
    receive higher...
  6. I had thought that their would be a way of...

    I had thought that their would be a way of connecting the Iframe script up with the Show/Hide javascript:

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function showonlyone(thechosenone) {
  7. How can I get my Show/Hide Effect to resize my iFrame? (Example Inside)

    I've got an Iframe displaying my html page that contains
    a Show/Hide element javascript effect.

    Problem is the iFrame is loading the child page but not adjusting it's size upon using the...
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