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    *** post deleted by moderator - please do not...

    *** post deleted by moderator - please do not "bump" threads on this site ***
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    Chrome/Safari Bug with document.lastModified?

    I can't figure out why .lastModified behaves differently in Firefox/IE/Opera vs Chrome/Safari.

    Here is the code:

    document.write(new Date(document.lastModified));
  3. Does Lightbox have a Height BUG in all IE versions?

    It appears Lightbox has a bug in IE when the screen height exceeds 65,505 pixels.

    I have created two test pages for you to see. One that shows the bug and another that shows it working. The...
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    Why are my sites Impressions Count different?

    I have two sites. I pull my ad images from my 2nd site to display on my primary site. These ads are displayed to my visitors.

    Strangely, i am trying to figure out why my impressions counts dont...
  5. Problem SOLVED! Thanks for all your help!

    Problem SOLVED! Thanks for all your help!
  6. Thanks for the links..i will go through...

    Thanks for the links..i will go through them....At the bottom of the page you should see a navigation bar that shows "Home", "News & Opinion", etc on it. This row sits on top of a gray colored...
  7. Why does my site's Footer Have a Double-Bar in IE?

    While using Internet Explorer if you go to the very bottom of my site at: http://canadianprofiteer.com/canadas-poop-problem/ you will see two gray horizontal bars. There should only be one horiz bar...
  8. Why doesnt IE Use Anti-Aliasing For PNG Background?

    Did a search and found nothing so...

    I've attached the code in a zip file (very tiny). I am using 2 PNG images with transparent background. You can move your mouse over either translucent image...
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    htaccess - Doesnt block user from RSS viewing.WHY?!?

    I added the following to my htaccess file

    RewriteCond &#37;{REMOTE_ADDR}
    RewriteRule ^.*$ http://www.yahoo.com/ [L,R=302]

    It is able to block ip address: and redirect him to...
  10. Newbie Question - Why doesnt this HTML code display right?

    I am trying to display these 4 rows one on top of the other but when i use the "float: left" style (so i can make the accompanying text aligned to the top beside each row's picture) it makes...
  11. Anyway to have HTACCESS return 200 status code after a 403 block?

    I am using htaccess to block an ip address via the "deny from #.#.#.#"...i also use the "ErrorDocument 403 /page.htm" to show the user a different page. However, when i do this the user gets back a...
  12. So even if the site where the script resides is...

    So even if the site where the script resides is taking a bit long to return the reply then as far as my coding on the client-side goes it is asynchronous and all variables and function calls will be...
  13. What happens if Javascript loading from external domain takes too Long?

    Curious: If i load a script from an external domain (not of my own) and then proceed to use functions from it on my page other another <script> tags then what would happen if i tried to load that...
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