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  1. I want to match " @"+ any character javascript/jquerr


    This is what I want to match inside of a textarea:

    " @"+any character to perform an autocomplete operation to find for users when the @ is called and a character is added next to it as the...
  2. jQuery use the input affected by autocomplete as the source for the autocomplete

    How to use the input's value as the source for the autocomplete, or better,

    use a custom function plus the input's value as the source, a la facebook - like they do "just use "user value" as...
  3. [RESOLVED] Image cropping with drag for the crop

    Image cropping with drag for the crop, a la facebook.
    Drag the image to adjust. On profile picture - edit thumbnail.

    Is there something similar available on the web?

    I thought of a div...
  4. How to affect a second input with autocomplete

    I have the following autocomplete affecting the input with an id of "autocomplete". I want to affect a second input as something is selected with a different value than the label or the value, how...
  5. jQuery autocomplete let the label trigger a js function

    source: [
    label: "aardvark",
  6. Replies

    Mimicking GET with location.href

    How to mimic the GET method out of a url, example:
    how to retrieve word with the variable location.href

    something that retrieves the letters after...
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