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  1. Thank you HCW - I run Windows 7 Professional on...

    Thank you HCW - I run Windows 7 Professional on my Toshiba but I can't tell if it ships with a server and if so how to use it. Likewise, the documentation that came with my MS Expression Studio 4...
  2. list of companies that allow posting URL's on their product reviews?

    Can anyone generate a list of websites that allow product reviewers to post their URL's in the product review? I plan to make a list available when I have discovered which companies do and which...
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    unique content

    Right but Google is looking for unique search content and will give a site more credence if the content is not copied from another site. So let me re-phrase the OP - do the search engines have the...
  4. get scroll bar on browser when viewing website from file

    I want to develop my website as much as possible before paying for a domain and hosting service so have it saved as a file on my computer but when I view it in IE, Chrome, or Safari there is no...
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    stretch gradient background

    What's a good way to get a gradient background to stretch vertically to 2200 px without streaking? The only way I've been able to it so far is create a gradient in Word for a page fill then do a...
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