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  1. Use my own value for RecordCurrentPage cookies (Page View History for Visitors)

    I use cookies to remember every page visitor visit. I would like to know how to make it use my own inserted url and title plus to avoid repeated storing of same url(Same display job page will have...
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    Take out certain keys in smarty var

    How to take out certain keys in these two smarty var and insert to different places in the same web page:

    SMARTY PHP template:

    {stats type='job views' period='months'...
  3. Where is Axis-Y input value for Stacked Bar flot chart

    Can help me to find out where is the input data for axis Y? It is randomly generated values. I want to replace it with my own array: 1,3,254,46,2,35,243 or 11,13,254,146,12,35,243. I know axis-X is 1...
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