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  1. Thank you!

    Apologies on being convulent. I guess too much information. Thanks for the tips and direction. I will give them a try and see where they go.
  2. Drop Down Menu Need to call values by a string not selectIndex - help


    I have an avatar picker. We have the backend working but it requires that the value of my <option> in a dropdown list has to be a string.

    The purpose of the javascript is to allow the user...
  3. Thank you! You ROCK! This works great!

    Hi ZeroKilled,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This works perfectly. Really appreciate you help.

    May you have a wonderful weekend!!

  4. Thank you! But is there something I am not doing right?


    Thank you so much for helping me out and the quick reply. One question. I tried it out and the text is not changing. Am I not implmenting the onclick correctly?

    Here is it is...
  5. How to Toggle text to display On or Off (not just show and hide)


    Hopefully there is something simple I am missing here.
    What I have is this
    <div id="tutorial" >Tutorials:</div> <div>On </div>

    what I would like is for it to do is when you click
  6. Thanks for the tip but did not work

    HI MrNobody,

    Thanks for the response. The code works and runs the change avatar funtion. and like the one before works for the xp, level and currency when the number are hardcoded.

    but when I...
  7. Problem with loading multiple "onload" functions from a .js file (only works locally)


    I am working in the seam/jboss environment. We have counter for a game that tracks the user's experience points, levels and currency. I have the javascript code and seam elements that work...
  8. Replies

    Thank JMRKR

    THANK YOU!!!!! This exactly what I need. Greatly appreciate!!!!! Have a wonderful Monday. You made my day!
  9. Replies

    Adding options to an array Javascript


    I want to create a simple form where the user inputs their birthdate. There are three drop downs. One for month, one for day and for year. I would like to do it with js and arrays and not...
  10. Thank you!!!

    HI Fang and Phillps,

    Thank you so much for your prompt response. I will test it out this afternoon. and see if works.

    Much appreciated!

    Very Grateful - Techie
  11. How to switch from drop down list to radio buttons onchange that recognizes variable


    I have working code a friend help me with that creates an array and builds a select option (drop down list). Based on the option chosen in the drop list three images change. This basically...
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