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    Thanks for the info Eye for Video!!! I'll take...

    Thanks for the info Eye for Video!!!

    I'll take a look and see if I can get it to display.
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    Disappearing Div in IE7

    One of my Divs are disappearing while loading in IE7, but not in IE8 or Opera. There is some javascript being used on the site to create rounded corners (which I hate, but not able to remove it from...
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    Can't "scroll" mobile site on Droid

    New to mobile sites and I'm trying to build a small mobile site for my company. When I view the mobile site on my Android based phone it won't allow me to scroll down the page. It does scroll down on...
  4. Changes to IE6 css file not affecting the layout

    I am using a virtual machine to test in IE6. I have a CSS menu that utilizes a fly out for the submenu. It isn't displaying the same as in IE7 & 8. I have the <!--[if IE6] blah blah in the head of...
  5. [RESOLVED] CSS menu in lefthand table cell displaying behind righthand cell

    I have a CSS menu that is in a lefthand table cell that has a fly-out submenu. When the submenu displays it is behind the text that is in the righthand table cell.

    I need to have the submenu...
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    css flyout menu displaying behind other text

    I am working on a css based flyout menu that is being placed on page that is built with a CMS. I have two issues:

    1 - When you roll over the link the flyout displays behind the text that is on the...
  7. I have used Aptana (http://www.aptana.org/)...

    I have used Aptana (http://www.aptana.org/) before for a short period. Only because I switched machines and haven't gotten back to it lately. I also saw someone use it in a video demo for Joomla!
  8. They're both available free under the open source...

    They're both available free under the open source category. Which means you can download them, modify them and do what you want to them. As long as you're not selling the CMS system and just the site...
  9. I would recommend looking at Joomla! (joomla.org,...

    I would recommend looking at Joomla! (joomla.org, PHP based) and Umbraco (umbraco.org, .NET based). They are open source CMS's and you can easily adapt what you have learned in hand coding to these...
  10. That worked!

    Thanks Sterling!!!

    I had something close to that but not knowing enough about Javascript I couldn't figure out what I had wrong.

    Thanks again! I appreciate your help!

  11. [RESOLVED] Help opening drop down links in new window

    I am not familiar with Javascript and I need to open a link in a drop down menu in a new window. Below is the script that exists now that opens the links in the same window. I appreciate your help!!!...
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