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  1. anyone ?

    anyone ?
  2. [HELP] How would i go about making my image show another when clicked on ?

    Hello guys,
    For my mobile web Application I wanted my icon (it runs the search commands), to display another image when I click on it so users know when it has registered the touch.

    I saw this...
  3. I gave it a try but seems my phones webkit...

    I gave it a try but seems my phones webkit doesn't recognise it :(
    Thank you anyway :)
  4. [Help] How to run my swf file and make it disappear and load the rest of the content

    Hi, I actually need this for my Mobiles web app but since its both html and jscript I posted here.

    I need my swf file too run and once it has completed its animations to disappear and to show the...
  5. Iframes not refreshing when button pressed Did i **** up somewhere ?

    ive wrote this for my page the iframes load normally but the buttons i added to refresh the individual frames just dont work.. Any ideas ??

    <head> <body> <iframe id="iframe1"...
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