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    Removing output/generated HTML code in JSP?

    I have a JSP template. <![CDATA[ ]]> code gets wrapped inside a tag, which shows up on the generated HTML page. This CDATA then turns off the style tags inside it.


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    The area is being populated by...

    The <p></p> area is being populated by Coldfusion. There are two states for what <div id=related> looks like, it's either 1) <div id=related><p>bla bla bla bla</p></div> or 2) <div id=related></div>.
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    Show/Hide based on content within div

    I would like to show or hide a header element (e.g. <h3></h3>) based up a div tag that either contains content or not. The content is dynamically added or shown, but the header element isn't, which...
  4. Creating a visited link in the nav section of a one page site

    Anyone know how I can change the color of a text link on a page that doesn't load a new page, but rather stays on the same page?

    The nav links already use an onClick to present content below it...
  5. Creating links that opens a newly targeted window and changes the current one

    Anyone know how to create this in JS?

    User clicks on a link, the link opens a new window with new webpage AND the page that had the link then changes to a new webpage as well. So end the end that...
  6. Thanks for taking a look at this. Currently, when...

    Thanks for taking a look at this. Currently, when I click each link the JS creates a number shift based on your code. So, for instance, if you select "link1" all of the other A states, which are...
  7. I've attached the barebones of code that I'm...

    I've attached the barebones of code that I'm using, to not confuse. It's more involved than this as the text changes based on using some inline JQuery to show or hide content based on id. But that...
  8. Swap Image on click then resets when selecting next image

    I have four links that use graphics to create an unvisited and visited state (using CSS). The link actually changes a section of text elsewhere on that page, so the user doesn't leave the page. The...
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