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  1. http://www.hostgator.com/formmail.shtml I got it...

    http://www.hostgator.com/formmail.shtml I got it from here. This doesn't have to be code that I use. If you know a better way I'm all ears
  2. Mainly cause I'm still new at this. How do I fix...

    Mainly cause I'm still new at this. How do I fix it so that it does send an email?

  3. How do i sent an email to my personal account using my contact form?

    I'm trying to set up my contact form so that when it's used it sends an email directly to my personal account. Everything seems to be working fine except it does actually send the email. Not sure...
  4. I forgot www.kurtesposito.com

    I forgot www.kurtesposito.com
  5. Layout is changing on me - Dreamweaver cs6

    I had my layout set. Almost how I wanted it. But then it changed all around in my design_view while still looking relatively normal in live_view. I had to move things around in order to fix other...
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    Character encoding


    I have <meta charset="utf-8"> written in my code but the w3validater says I have no character encoding set. Furthermore it says I have these errors for that same bit of code...
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