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  1. CSS font size looks bigger in window XP (IE and Firefox)

    Is there a way to make font size in firefox and IE on window XP to look like in mac firefox? I use pixel to define the sizes but for some reason it shows twice as big on PC (window XP). Is there...
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    Google Map not working properly in IE

    Hi, I have a google map inside of a hidden div with toggle javascript. It works fine in all browsers except for IE. I have 2 problems with IE.

    1. I used google styler saturation to change the...
  3. Google Map not centering in hidden div in IE

    I use the below script to display a map inside a hidden div. It works in safari and firefox but not in IE8. Need some help solving this. thx.

    var currCenter =...
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    Javascript Validate Help

    Hi, I am using the Phatfusion validation to validate my form. I am trying to get a field to be require field only if a certain drop down selection is selected. I also want this field (number only)...
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    Javascript Calendar Help

    I wanted to use the JS calendar from http://dev.base86.com/scripts/mootools_javascript_datepicker_calendar_eightysix.html but can't figure out how to do the following. Sorry for not posting the...
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