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  1. Anyway to keep text in place when adjusting browser window size?

    I wrote a web page in html and when the page is not maximized and I make the window really small, the text sort of bunches up. I do have the text centered using CSS if that makes a difference. I want...
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    Thanks, I just asked a friend whos a web...

    Thanks, I just asked a friend whos a web developer and he suggested writing a PHP script to send the data to an email address. What I'm doing is getting input from users like name, email address,...
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    Using database other than MySQL?

    I'm new to web development and I'm making a very basic website that allows a user to input data in a PHP form into a database. There is only two webpages I need to do this for and theres only about 4...
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    Newbie PHP problems

    I just made a quick Hello World php file and have it stored in my file path /opt/lampp/htdocs. However when I go to the URL localhost/hello.php, I get "404 Not Found The requested URL /first.php was...
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