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  1. Cross Browser Fade in/out effect using pure CSS?

    Well after an hour searching online, I have yet to find a solution. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I need to make an image fade in on page load... then fade out... then back in every 3-4...
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    How To show hidden Div content based on cookie?

    Anyone know the code for this?

    Here's the logic I need:

    Get cookie value 1
    Get cookie value 2
    Get cookie value 3

    If cookie 1 = a or cookie 2 = b or cookie 3 = c then show div tag 1
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    How To Set Cookie To Radio Button Value

    I have a Wordpress blog using FormCraft form builder plugin.

    I need to write cookies with the value of the radio button selected in the form.

    I can't mess with the FormCraft form code itself. ...
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    Fade in Effect Not Working in IE or Opera??

    I'm trying to create a fade in effect. It works with every browser except IE and Opera.

    Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it? And/or the css that would give me a fade in across all...
  5. Bringing Background Image to Front with Z-index?

    I have a button that when clicked sets a loading wheel background image to visible.

    The problem is the background image is showing below the button, despite what I set the z-index to.

    How's the...
  6. How to Pre-load Webpage then Pop in New Window Once Pre-loaded?

    Is it possible to have a webpage pre-loaded once a link is clicked. Then when that page is fully loaded, pop a new window with the page in it?

    The effect I want the end user to see is a new page...
  7. Perfect! Thanks you Padonak.

    Perfect! Thanks you Padonak.
  8. While I'm not a coder, I'm savvy enough to take...

    While I'm not a coder, I'm savvy enough to take existing code and adapt it for my situation.

    I don't know the code well enough to code something from scratch though.
  9. I'm hoping there is a all-in-one solution. ...

    I'm hoping there is a all-in-one solution.

    Something that can detect the default user email system, then whitelist accordingly.

    Something like that possible?
  10. Thanks, but what I needs is the spinning wheel...

    Thanks, but what I needs is the spinning wheel graphic to show right next to the link clicked before the linked page even loads.

    Maybe this could be done with a javascript onclick event, and a div...
  11. Code That Shows "processing" Wheel When Link Is Clicked While Page Loads

    I need to show a "spinning wheel" next to the link that is clicked while the linked paged loads.

    Anyone have the code that will do that?

    It would be much appreciated if you do...

  12. How To Automate Email Whitlisting / Simplifying Adding Email To User Address Book

    Anyone know of a script or Wordpress plugin or a script that will add an email address to the users address book with the click of a button?
  13. How To Load An Open Browser Window Based On Window Title

    Is there javascript that will load a page in a browser window based on the title of that open browser window?

    Meaning if I have 2 browser windows open. One with Title 1. One with Title 2. I...
  14. UPDATE: After a crap load of testing, I've...


    After a crap load of testing, I've discovered that the script works perfectly on a static HTML page. The error is only showing itself when the Javascript is run on a wordpress page.
  15. What's The Most Likely Reason Wordpress Is Screwing Up A Javascript And How To Fix It

    I have a javascript that works perfectly when I executed on a static HTML page.

    That same javascript, placed in an external JS file, and js link imbedded in the <head> of a wordpress page it...
  16. Understood. But there are several technical...

    Understood. But there are several technical reasons why the form submissioin content needs to open in a new window, and needs to be a full size window.

    The form redirect will not give us the...
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    Thanks Tcobb. I'm no programmer. I'm trying to...

    Thanks Tcobb. I'm no programmer. I'm trying to bootstrap by hacking existing code here. My mistake. But right now, it's what's gotta be done.

    Do you have the code that would do that? Or where...
  18. The javascript is triggered on an form onsubmit...

    The javascript is triggered on an form onsubmit event. Yes the form is submitted.

    Everything works, the cookie sets properly etc. WHEN the window.open statement is below the cookie code. When it...
  19. Why doesn't window.open work in this simple email validation script?

    I have a simple email validation script. After email is validated the script writes a cookie, then opens a new window.

    For the life of me I cannot figure out what why window.open will not work. ...
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    Writing A Cookie Based On Breeze Form Entry

    Newbie question:

    I need to write a cookie based on the value of a radio button form entry.

    I'm using Breeze forms to create the radio button form. It allows for custom "action scripts" to be...
  21. How To Set A Simple Cookie Based on Content CSS Show/Hide Settings?

    I have a Breeze plugin generated javascript form that uses <div style="display:none"> to hide/show content based on user selections.

    I need to be able to set a cookie if/when what was invisible...
  22. With WordPress head injection plugins I can...

    With WordPress head injection plugins I can inject any code into the <head> tag.

    I can add any code to the <body> tag too. PHP can be added too, but with a separate plugin. Javascript is a...
  23. Wow, thanks for the code. Before I wasted...

    Wow, thanks for the code.

    Before I wasted anyone's time though, I should have clarified that this form is generated by the FormidablePro wordpress plugin.

    I don't have the luxury of editing...
  24. How To Auto Hide Form Entry Based On Multi-choice Radio Button?

    I have a form with several radio button questions.

    I would like each question to disappear automatically once the radio button is clicked.

    Can it be done in Javascript?

    Here's the form...
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