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  1. Change careers or add onto my degree? Advice please!

    I'm 32 years old. My associates in web design went NOWHERE in Pittsburgh. It's 4 years old. I ended up doing freelance and basically having my boyfriend support me financially. So I've never had a...
  2. It acts like the message was sent which makes me...

    It acts like the message was sent which makes me wonder if it's something with the hosting not the script.
  3. Contact form doesn't work on a new hosting plan

    I'm having issues with this contact form. I've used it several different times with no problems on different hosting. Now when I put it on Godaddy it doesn't work. I even uploaded it to my own...
  4. Nobody has any ideas? :o

    Nobody has any ideas? :o
  5. Thanks for the reply. No, it's not the wrong...

    Thanks for the reply. No, it's not the wrong file. I do have something I tried putting together but I don't have the external PHP to go along with it so obviously it doesn't work.

    I didn't add...
  6. Too common of a question - upload problem

    I know this is such a repetitious question in PHP.. So I apologize!

    I'm not very good with PHP and never have I made an upload box for my form. This time I'm trying to make one. I read through the...
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    I don't mind paying for software that isn't...

    I don't mind paying for software that isn't insane in price. But I'll definitely check out the links you gave me.
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    Ecommerce question

    I'm a web designer with very little experience in ecommerce. I develop sites that are more informational rather than ecommerce.

    A friend of a friend wants his small business put on the web as an...
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    Refresh to add new content

    My best guess is that this would be javascript but I could be wrong.

    I have a client who now wants his website to refresh every so often but also to refresh and have new content each time.
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