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    Email sending as HTML issue

    I have this code

    try {

    Message message = new MimeMessage(session);
    message.setFrom(new InternetAddress("from-email@gmail.com"))…
  2. how to pre load several iframes for faster loading

    When I click a button it shows an iframe(with 1 image), then when I click the button again,it loads a different iframe on the same location. This is slow. How to speed up?

    When we click and load...
  3. html image mapping and jQuery code is not working

    This should change the images and image maps then highlight them. But image maps don't seem to be working and higlighting doesn't work either, after clicking on the "go right" link at the bottm. How...
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    How to rotate an image map

    I have used a javascript to rotate images. when I add an image map areas to the images, it won't show up on the rotating javascript images. I have Javascript rotating and image map on two different...
  5. There is a JQuery script to help highlight areas....

    There is a JQuery script to help highlight areas.

  6. I already found that. Couldn't edit my one like...

    I already found that. Couldn't edit my one like that. Anyway I found a javascript solution.Thanks
  7. How to get different rollover images for different areas of the same image map

    I used onmousein events but it didn't work. Using dreamweaver CS4
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