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  1. Broken HTML:

    Broken HTML:

    <META http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-16">
    <LINK rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="../Style/msgbox.css">
    <LINK rel="stylesheet"...
  2. Webpage in iFrame has black borders but not when accessing it direct?

    Hi Forum People,

    I have an odd issue i need help with, for some reason the embedded page i have in an iFrame shows some odd borders when not accessed directly, see below for an example.

    I am...
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    Got some help at Treehouse and this is now...

    Got some help at Treehouse and this is now sorted, for anyone in the future you can see the answer here: http://fiddle.jshell.net/xY974/4/
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    Hi All, I have had some look and can return...

    Hi All,

    I have had some look and can return the first item in the 'Objects' container with this script, my question is how to i loop all the 'Objects' and list all as rows?

    if i return...
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    Hi Deathshadow, Thanks so much, i have been...

    Hi Deathshadow,

    Thanks so much, i have been doing some searching on the net and came to the conclusion that it was JSON.

    This is a link to the full output of doing a call to a query (list of...
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    [RESOLVED] How to style Javascript Output?


    I am looking for how to style the output of an application i work with called LANDesk Service Desk. They have an unofficial API that allows me to pull back an XMLHttpRequest object for...
  7. Click an Action Panel Button with JavaScript? (Callback with parameters)

    Hello fantastic people!

    I need help clicking a button in our support portal. It has a workflow behind push buttons that ask the user questions. I want to make a very simple 'Submit' button for...
  8. Found the solution: function ReloadParent...

    Found the solution:

    function ReloadParent () {
  9. [RESOLVED] Best Method to Refresh Parent Page? (From an iFrame)

    Hi All,

    What is the best method to refresh the parent page? I need to do this from an iFrame and it is ok if the iFrame refreshes too.

    Thanks for any guidance you can provide!

    Best Regards,...
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    Thank you that works a treat! I did Google it but...

    Thank you that works a treat! I did Google it but this seems like a minefield and i did not understand until your code on my other post on how to put this together!

    Last question, how would i save...
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    Click button from iFrame in Parent Window?

    Hello All,

    I am currently trying to amend our IT Support System to make it nice and simple for our end users (hospital users who are not good with computers) and need a way to click the 'Save'...
  12. Sup3rkirby, you are awesome! That did the trick...

    Sup3rkirby, you are awesome! That did the trick and will help massively on the road to make out users lives simpler! You were correct with my lack of knowledge and experience but your instructions...
  13. [RESOLVED] Get a section of a URL with Javascript for use in an API Call?

    Hello All,

    I would like to use an API to imitate a click a link for a user in our IT Support system, i need to pass the GUID in the Javascript code. Please can anyone help with a function that can...
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