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  1. doh, thanks...shoulda checked that...

    doh, thanks...shoulda checked that...
  2. [RESOLVED] Problem with OnChange for Select DropDown

    I've been beating my head against the wall over this one for a couple hours. I want to have a select dropdown disable/enable a pair of textboxes. I can't even get the function to fire. If I...
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    Including a File Within a Class

    I have a basic sql connect file that sets up the mysql connection that I include in the majority of my pages.

    I have recently decided to move some functions and whatnot over to a class and I'm...
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    Sorting 4 Different Tables By Date

    I'm working with a site where there are 4+ different types of items that can be on the front page (like photos, blog posts, reviews, etc) and these are stored in 4 different database tables that...
  5. Thanks

    thanks, that worked.
  6. [RESOLVED] How do you remove an onClick, or at least prevent it from being called

    I'm working on my site, trying to add vote functionality.

    I have two <a> items, one to vote up and the other vote down. The one you click changes color to indicate that you voted in that...
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    Thanks so much. And I did notice the single quotes were missing, but that still didn't fix the problem. Your solution did work though. Thanks again
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    Validating an E-Mail Address

    I'm just getting into javascript so please bear with me. I'm trying to verify a "valid" email address when someone leaves the text box. I say valid because at this point I am just checking for the...
  9. That worked

    That worked, thanks so much.
  10. Image Map Not Working in Opera or Safari

    I am working on my website and created an image map for my banner. This works perfectly in Firefox, but not in Opera, Safari, or IE for that matter. Any ideas?

    Here's the code

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