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  1. Here is the rest of the code, it wouldn't all fit in one post:

    <div id="emailus"> <img class="icon" src="images/aticon.gif" />
    <p id="email"> EMAIL: INFO
    <p id="smallertxt"> <strong>BelmontTransport.com</strong> </p>
    <div id="minbutton"> <a><img...
  2. Help needed for unorthodox price generating form

    I am currently developing a new website for a well-established small business to replace their old, poorly designed one. Run by one person with a team of three full-time employees, the owner...
  3. HELP Creating a conditional price generator w/ auto generated email2business & client

    Hi all,

    I am primarily a graphic designer, as well as an intermediate website developer with strong knowledge of HTML & CSS and working knowledge of javascript & jQuery.

    I am currently...
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