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  1. How do I remove my home address from my Google+ page?

    I've recently set up a google+ page for my business and now it's showing my address, which I don't want it to because that is my home address. I wouldn't mind if it were an office but not my home...
  2. My CSS file isn't updating when I upload it to my server?

    Here's my code...

    Theme Name: customizr-child
    Theme URI: www.codexx.co.uk/wp-content/themes/customizr
    Description: customizr-child
    Author: Steven Curnow
  3. I'm having trouble with moving my menu and other things.

    I have tried to move my menu border on my website using padding-width:, margin-width:, border-width etc.

    But can't seem to move it so that it is a menu across the top of the website, I want the...
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    Would that be global? Does it make the whole...

    Would that be global? Does it make the whole website follow that template?
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    How do I put grey sidebars on the website?

    Ok if you look at my website it has the white part that spans out the whole of the page (http://www.codexx.co.uk/seo-in-poole/), I want the page divided into two rather where the page look neat but...
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    What do you think of my logo?

  8. You can't really create an amazing website using wordpress can you?

    I've used wordpress on my website and I had a review on it by a website design company online that does free reviews on websites, they said I need to improve my website design and feel. I have used...
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    I use linux though. Those two are not free. GIMP...

    I use linux though. Those two are not free. GIMP is.
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    Best software for designing?

    I'm using gimp at the moment but I think I could do better.

    I created a logo from gimp as my homepage logo, it looks OK but I still think it isn't quite there.


    I'm wondering, how do I...
  11. It's fixed now, I just reinstalled linux, I tried...

    It's fixed now, I just reinstalled linux, I tried the first time but it didn't work. Now it does.
  12. Should I pretend that I'm a company with a few people rather than one person?

    I'm a freelancer but I want to register for Google+ Local and Google Maps, I don't want to give the public my home address but nor can I give them an office address because I don't have one.

  13. I am running linux mint on my main hard drive and...

    I am running linux mint on my main hard drive and I have "busybox" come up instead of linux mint.

    I have checked the hard drive for errors but their is no problem with it.

    I have also tried...
  14. [RESOLVED] Hard Drive not mounting or booting.

    I had this problem the other day, I knocked the computer lightly but now it won't boot from the hard drive, I have to use my usb stick to boot.

    I've ran a disk check and it says their is no...
  15. What process do you go through when dealing with a customer?

    I've got my website set up now using wordpress.

    I am probably going to get some customers soon when I get my website to the top of Google. I need to get some more backlinks and then I should be...
  16. How long does it take you to get a good amount of backlinks to your website?

    A lot of people think getting backlinks (aka incoming links) is the hardest part of SEO, that's why I've bought a book on it.

    Well, how long does it take you to get enough backlinks so that you...
  17. Having trouble thinking of what to write for my pages.

    For me this is the hardest part of building this website. I want it to sound interesting but I always make whatever I write sound boring, I'm quite a blunt person so writing something that sounds...
  18. If I take a random picture off google and use it...

    If I take a random picture off google and use it for my website, the chances are they won't catch me so their isn't any point in worrying.
  19. A) I Don't see any signs of copyright. B) No,...

    A) I Don't see any signs of copyright.
    B) No, there were no watermarks.
    C) Yes
    D) I don't know. I have a bit of money but I'm just starting out this business.
    E) No, haven't made any money yet,...
  20. What about copying their image and then editing...

    What about copying their image and then editing it? Is that OK?
  21. What are the chances of being sued for copyright of pictures?

    I've heard that people have been sued before for just using someone else's pictures, I've been looking around google for pictures to add to my website and I've have used some people's pictures.
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    Does anyone use other people's CSS?

    I'm sure that you could easily run a CSS for every webpage on the website so if you were to just copy someone else's CSS and edit parts that you didn't like then wouldn't that be a better way to do...
  23. As I'm going to use wordpress to make a basic...

    As I'm going to use wordpress to make a basic website when I first start, do you recommend moving onto a more complicated CMS like magento when I'm developing my skills and final website in my own...
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    Should I buy another domain name?

    I have a domain registered but it isn't connected to my server. My server is hosted with iPage and my domain name is registered with 1&1.co.uk, I've asked if I could move over my domain name to iPage...
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    Should I pay more for a .co.uk domain?

    So as I'm based in the UK I'm going to look at getting a .co.uk domain. I signed up for ipage.com for 3 years of hosting for around 50.

    I have the option of some other domains like .biz and they...
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