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    Stick Footer Woes - and IE8 Issue

    Hello, My site has a couple issues with compatibility.

    In all FireFox browsers it seems to work fine and as expected.

    However, in Safari the sticky footer acts up. It covers the bottom area of...
  2. Good for you. Thanks for your quick response.

    Good for you. Thanks for your quick response.
  3. Did you find someone who could work on this...

    Did you find someone who could work on this customization? I have a customization job that I need with Google DoubleClick for Publisher's javascript and custom variables and would love a referral to...
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    Thank you. Yes, I believe its working.

    Thank you. Yes, I believe its working.
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    Fixed Position disappears in IE

    Hello: I'm building an ecommerce site via 3dcart. Therefore, the site is a table-based layout that has some validation issues. My question has to do with the positioning of the site's live chat icon....
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    Hmm..I tried it and I'm now seeing a i different...

    Hmm..I tried it and I'm now seeing a i different error. "Object doesn't support this method or object"
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    IE8 Error in js

    What does this error mean in IE8? How do I fix it? (see image attached)
    Object Expected is the error.
    sheds.ca is the web site

    I'd like to remove the yellow exclamation mark that is on the...
  8. Hello infinityspiral - thank you. I have been...

    Hello infinityspiral - thank you. I have been able to successfully grab the right CSS - but now -- during final tweaks to the site -- I've messed up the functionality of the accordion. I am using...
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    Awesome. Thank you. That worked. I appreciate...

    Awesome. Thank you. That worked. I appreciate it.

    *Sometimes two sets of eyes are better than one.
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    Does anyone know how to make the image a hyperlink to specific urls rather than the image in its own page in the contenflow.js?

    I've found that if you comment out this line:...
  11. Help to find which CSS controls the active ul in accordion menu

    I am working on a site that uses a vertical accordion menu. I have the menu close to what I would like except for two things:

    1) The active li (shed name) to have a blue background and arrow...
  12. Sliding Navigation - Cross Browser + CSS

    I'm in the middle of designing a site and have used the sliding menu script found here.

    Unfortunately, it seems to be acting a little strange in certain browsers. I've noticed that when the url...
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    Background Stretch Jquery Plugin

    I've used a jquery background stretcher plugin. In IE6 it does not function correctly.

    The plugin can be found here:
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    IE6 Quirks

    The site I'm designing needs to degrade for IE6. I've been able to implement solutions that I'm happy with for most of the important items on this site, but there is one item that I am stuck-on.
  15. Solution

    The solution was to include the following two lines in my htaccess file:

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /

    For exact file names redirects, such as listed above the following code will redirect...
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    Thank you "thewebhostingdi" - the first error was that Shell was not enabled. I did that with the hosting company.

    The next step was creating the right code. What I was looking for was not easily...
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    301 Redirect

    I'm trying to set up a .htaccess redirect for a site I've inherited. It used to use php and strings - now it is straight xhtml.

    The previous web address would be:...
  18. .htaccess redirect: php to new html docs

    Hello, I'm wondering how to correctly write a 301 redirect in my .htaccess file for the following scenario:

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    For this site, I'm doing a recoding of an older...

    For this site, I'm doing a recoding of an older layout that used tables. I "inherited" the navigation. Although I took out all of the absolute positioning for it - I missed the center and margin....
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    IE 5 error.

    This site works in most browsers, but I've been told that in IE6 the composition breaks...any ideas to what needs to be changed?

    Login: web
    password: web
  21. IE 6 issue

    Login and password: web

    Apparently, I've made it work in IE 7 on Windows, Windows Firefox, and Mac Firefox and Safari, but it is still broken in IE 6 - I don't have...
  22. I am still having problems. I am using swfobject...

    I am still having problems. I am using swfobject to embed flash. Perhaps I'm putting the parameters wrong - syntax incorrect...

    I am now getting the menu to appear as the top layer, but the flash...
  23. Z-Index - Menu behind image in IE, no other browser

    Hello, so I'm revamping a site and inherited some of the code. I've been working to update it and make all the pages validate and look the same in all browsers - and somehow in the process have...
  24. Jquery.js Error - Object doesn't support this property or method

    Hello, I am not a javascript guru. I use javascript in my web sites, but I do not *know javascript. That is why I am drawn to jquery - functionality without having to know how everything works under...
  25. Best Way to recreate IBM's bottom navigation

    I'm interested in the best method to create a similar bottom navigation, such as what is shown on Ibm's home page.

    Is CSS the way to go, javascript, jquery?

    And once...
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