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  1. Is there a simple way to insert and update the DB?

    I have been doing it this way for a long time:

    $query = mysql_query("UPDATE table SET name='$name', city='$city', phone='$phone' WHERE id='$id'");

    Or when retrieving data from the DB,...
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    .htaccess help please

    I'm trying to make it so the following link:


    will be instead re-written to:


    The existing .htaccess file I have is...
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    I'm just curious why you put the "e" in between...

    I'm just curious why you put the "e" in between the function parentheses...?
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    Javascript/jQuery On Load Issue

    I have the following function that runs when the page is loaded, but I want it to only run when a button is clicked. How would I go about doing that?

    $(document).ready(function ()...
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    Cake PHP Set-Up Help

    I'm trying to get a CakePHP application to work on a website and I just can't get any files to display. The site is set up on a shared hosting account and the location of the CakePHP files is...
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    JavaScript function to make button active

    I need to force the user of a web page to accept the terms of use agreement before being allowed to proceed. To accept the terms, the user just needs to click a checkbox. I then want the "Next"...
  7. JavaScript Phone Validation - As it's typed in

    Can anyone refer me to a JavaScript phone number validation script that will actually check that a real phone number is being input as it's typed in?

    I can only find ones that validate after the...
  8. So if we went the route of storing them on a...

    So if we went the route of storing them on a separate server, do we get another domain name that points to that server? And how do you move the uploaded files to another server?
  9. I don't think using another domain is going to be...

    I don't think using another domain is going to be an option with this.

    What about using a .htaccess file and putting that in the main folder where the files are stored? Would that work?

  10. Where do I securely store user uploaded files?

    I have an application where registered users will upload various files (.doc, .pdf) and I need them stored somewhere secure so somebody who isn't registered can't access them. Normally I've just had...
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    Handling Multi-Page Forms

    I have a form that needs to be spread across several pages, with each page being a separate category. On the final page the user can click "Submit" and all the form data is processed. I'm just...
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    What Is The Python Framework?

    I'm told by a web developer that he's going to build a site of mine using the "Python Framework". I looked it up online but can't find any explanation for what this framework is. Does anyone here...
  13. Making drop-down navigation menus work on mobile devices

    How do you make drop-down menus work on mobile devices when a hover action is required to make the menu appear? I'm currently using a JavaScript drop-down navigation bar, and on mobile devices, the...
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    Pagination With Sorting Order

    I have a catalog of products that each can exist in multiple sub_categories. The products are displayed across several pages with pagination. The problem is that there is a sort order associated...
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    [RESOLVED] Unique Pagination Issue

    I've got a website with a catalog of products that are displayed through pagination. It takes the limit and offset, and applies it to the search. The issue is that it's searching two tables, one is...
  16. Thanks a ton for all your help!!! I was at my...

    Thanks a ton for all your help!!! I was at my wits end with this. Thanks again!
  17. That actually worked great! Thanks. I hate to...

    That actually worked great! Thanks.

    I hate to push my luck but I have a similar code that allows an increment of 12 as long as it's 12 or 24, and then anything over 25 it rounds up or down to the...
  18. It rounds up or down to the nearest increment of...

    It rounds up or down to the nearest increment of 25. So if someone types in 60, it'll round down to 50. Unfortunately, if someone types in 0, it rounds up to 25 as it is set now.
  19. Allowing Only Certain Numbers and/or Increments of Numbers In Form Field

    I have a form field which only allows increments of 25 to be entered into the form field, but now I need it to also allow the number 0. Here is the existing code:

    <input type="text" size="3"...
  20. Website Not Centered In Smart Phone ..... HELP

    I have a website with a fairly basic layout that is aligning left in smart phones - or at least in the iPhone. If anyone has any idea how to remedy this then I'd HUGELY appreciate it!

    These are...
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    Select Multiple Options For Select Field

    I have a select field which allows people to select multiple options, and then those option values get stored in the database. But I need to be able to display that select field with those options...
  22. Export MySQL Database Info to an Excel Spreadsheet

    Does anyone know of a way to export a MySQL database to an Excel Spreadsheet?
  23. Problem displaying information from database with double apostrophes

    I have a form which needs to accept the size of an item. The input should be done as: 12" x 15". I pass this info through a "cleaning" function and then insert it into the database. In the...
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    iPad and iPhone Display Issues

    I have a website that is fairly basic that displays perfectly on PC's, but on iPads and iPhones it appears to have a float issue which I can't figure out.

    The layout is basically this:

  25. Allowing User To Print Multiple Pages Off of Website

    I have dozens of pages that are dynamically generated through an administration section, that I need to be able to be printed off by visitors to the website. The number of pages will constantly...
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