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  1. Thank you for your quick answer :). To divide...

    Thank you for your quick answer :).
    To divide that number of columns was my last option if there is no other solution that would save my time.
    I have been reading online some programmers talking...
  2. How to allow using 408 columns in MySQL table without "Row size too large" issue?

    Hello guys.
    I have built a shopping website, there is "Products" table which has 408 columns.
    First 7 columns are for:
    1 id
    2 brand
    3 model
    4 availability
    5 condition
    6 overview
    7 description
  3. Resolved too!

    I have resolved it by using:

    $sql = "SELECT DISTINCT products.id, products.brand, products.model, products.price, products.category, products.availability, products.overview,...
  4. This solution resolved the problem but created another one!

    Adding LEFT JOIN to the tables join clause really allowed displaying all the products, but the new problem occured is that this solution has made the id of all products disappear from the fetched...
  5. It worked.

    Thanks I added what you said and it worked:
    LEFT JOIN products_sunglasses_brands
    ON products_sunglasses_brands.product_id = products.id

    LEFT JOIN...
  6. [RESOLVED] How to display records from main table even if they don't exist in the join table?

    Hello, I'm new to php and mysql, I searched all over before I post this question here, so a little help is really appreciated.
    I have 5 tables, which are:

    books (which is the main table to join...
  7. How to define this array for google currency converter?

    Hi guys.

    This is nice little code to convert currency on websites using google currency convert service, but it needs some modification, so can any one please help with it, it returns this when...
  8. I don't mean they will refresh on purpose by...

    I don't mean they will refresh on purpose by clicking on the browser refresh button, I mean by clicking on the links (dynamic and static) on the page.
    Pages get reloaded on every link click! even...
  9. I was supposing that there is a simple perfect...

    I was supposing that there is a simple perfect solution for that purpose, I mean a cross browser and easy for everyone to apply, you know some browsers do not support javascript even.

    Having a...
  10. :)Thanks Padonak it worked by replacing those...

    :)Thanks Padonak it worked by replacing those lines, I just started to learn PHP and Javascript basics, so thanks again for your help.

    I think it's good for everyone if there are other solutions...
  11. How to save page scrollbar position on page refresh?

    Hi everybody..
    I have been looking for a code to retain page position when a link is clicked, I have a website programmed with PHP and has many dynamic and static links.

    I fond a javascript code...
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