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  1. Possibly because of one javascript does not work other. Need solution

    Here is example http://jsfiddle.net/rigaconnect/gLCjy/14/

    Enter something in left top field. Right top field value changes to 1. That is ok.

    Then press and hold ctrl and click in left bottom...
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    Why warning message does not disappear?

    In the script if user input contains space ' ' or does not contain @, then get warning.
    Problem is that if space is deleted, warning does not disappears. What need to change?

  3. AJAX Thanks for answer, but seems I do not understand...

    Thanks for answer, but seems I do not understand
    At the moment I have such code

    hr.onreadystatechange = function() {
    if(hr.readyState == 4 && hr.status == 200) {
    var return_data =...
  4. AJAX Is it possible to pass php variable to ajax?

    I try to make redirection after successful login.
    In php if password and user match, then $_SESSION['loggedin'] = 1;
    $ifloggedin = $_SESSION['loggedin'];

    In ajax would need something like this...
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    Ajax does not pass data to php

    I need to get work the code where Ajax passes data to php.

    Below is script of file ___01.php
    There is drop down menu with variables No and Yes. Default value is No.
    If i do not change drop down...
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