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  1. The idea is to remove all the atributes in the...

    The idea is to remove all the atributes in the class and leave like this:

    <div class="element">First Title</div>

    Creating than the animate effect in the Javascript file.
  2. Removing Slideshow elements form html file


    I have changing some things in a slideshow and need your help.

    In the html, I have this class:

    <div class="element" data-animate="slideAppearRightToLeft" data-delay="800"...
  3. I see. Thanks. I'll try with it.

    I see.

    Thanks. I'll try with it.
  4. Merging the Content of 3 Fields Before Form Submission


    I have a form with a series of text fields.

    3 of them have to be combined into a hidden field before submission.

    I have found http://jsfiddle.net/Tyriar/5ERRG/ a few hours ago and I am...
  5. Replies

    Submitting two forms.


    I have a html file with a form system two process orders.

    The first form ("form") collects the personal data of the customer and submits it to an email address for me to know her/his...
  6. Solved!! Thanks.


  7. Problem with fields in payment order processing


    I am trying to implement a form to process payments in my online shop.

    Everything seems to work fine but for an error in the "total" field.

    I have tried diverse solutions with no result....
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