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  1. How can I get my video to fade in to view?

    Hello, I have the below code which plays a video.
    The video is delayed to prevent any preloader displaying on the screen in the second it takes to load the video.

    How can I add to the javascript...
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    outputting xml

    Hello, this is my first attempt in trying to output xml values. (at the bottom of the code block)

    All im actually outputting is the title...

    How can I output the below?

  3. processing a form with if empty messages

    I've taken this as an extract of a much larger file.

    If $score1 is empty the no score message appears, the exit() occurs. and the footer div will not appear.
    If $score1 is filled, the success...
  4. add up results of other functions on the fly

    I have ten functions (I know this is a drawn out way of coding) and the last function doesn't work.

    Its supposed to total up the result of the first 9 functions, but it doesn't change my input at...
  5. Running total...

    Thank you for showing me this code, however I don't think I explained fully what I was trying to achieve here.

    I'm looking to have a running total, of the total par scores.
    So the total will...
  6. How can i get a running total using form id's?

    How can I edit my code so that the input box with the id "totalparscore" diplays a running total of the input boxes with the id's;
    hole1result, hole2result .............through to hole9result ?
  7. preventing append image from overflowing a div

    Im having a few troubles with my javascript, can anybody help?

    In my page http://www.1pw.co.uk/demo3.html

    Im dropping images into a div named "bowlpic"

    If I drop more than 4 images into the...
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    drag and drop.... and copy!

    I have a mocked up page


    After dragging an image over the bowl background I would a copy of the image to stay in situe.

    eg. If i were to drag the baloon shirt...
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    AJAX Adding a keypress to an alert box

    Ive been playing around with a couple of scripts both of which work well on their own. The first is a basic alertbox that uses a hotkey;

    $(document).jkey('o', function(){...
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