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  1. I just now realized that I'm missing the mouse...

    I just now realized that I'm missing the mouse listeners in my constructor method. I added


    and now it works fine!
  2. Paint Application that doesn't paint, problems with mouseEvents and StateChanged

    Hi, I'm writing a paint application for my java class. I've gotten the JFrame to look the way it's supposed to, and everything looks in order, but I can't draw. Something's wrong but I can't tell...
  3. Help with writing a method that prints out an array

    Here's what I'm working on:

    Write a program that prompts the user for a value and creates an integer array of that size. Prompt for initial values (unordered) to populate the array. Your program...
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    We weren't allowed to use arrays, we had to do it...

    We weren't allowed to use arrays, we had to do it using the substring method.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Trouble with substrings

    Basically I have no idea what I did wrong here. The assignment:

    Write a program to do the following:
    Prompt for input of someone's first, middle, and last name as a single string...
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    Homework help: looping problems


    My homework this week is to create a program that shows the return on an investment. It must ask the user to input the amount of the investment, the number of years, and the interest rate. ...
  7. Beginner in Java, need help with homework

    Hi guys, I'm a newbie to this forum and to programming in general. My assignment is to instantiate three separate household objects and then use get and set methods to change the occupants and...
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