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  1. Script to count text files in a folder and move oldest files elsewhere?

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to create a script that will count the number of notepad/text files in a folder and if it's over 15, cut and paste the oldest files to another folder.

    So, if...
  2. Yep, definately.

    Yep, definately.
  3. Problem with VBScript not working after updating to Outlook 2010

    Hey everyone,

    I have the following code in VBScript.

    It works in Outlook 2001 but not in Outlook 2010.
    We are running XP SP3.

    Is there any code here that wouldn't be recognised by Outlook...
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    VBscript - Reverse Order Of Loaded Files

    At the moment, this script loads some files called 'CentrePanel, 01', 'CentrePanel,02' and 'CentrePanel,03' in order, descending.

    I wish to reverse the order, so that the highest numbered file...
  5. Hiya Jason, In answer to your question, older...

    Hiya Jason,

    In answer to your question, older versions of IE do not recognise transparency, although there is a CSS workaround. Rather than posting it here, jump on google and simply search 'IE6...
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    My employer is the Department for Work &...

    My employer is the Department for Work & Pensions. So yes, I agree, lazy!

    Haha :D
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    I agree. It's a work's computer, still using IE6....

    I agree. It's a work's computer, still using IE6. Most businesses currently still use IE6 as it's cost-effective.
    Not my preference of browser, I use the latest Firefox. But I personally have always...
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    You are right, it works in 1024! Not sure what...

    You are right, it works in 1024! Not sure what happened when I checked it last, but it was at work, so it may have messed it up from our rubbish computers there!

    I need to amend another thing I...
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    Please don't use Comic Sans font. It looks icky!
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    Good Points: Excellent coding with regards...

    Good Points:

    Excellent coding with regards to cross-browser performance. Everything even works down to IE6, which is great!

    The layout and graphics are modern, eye-catching and...
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    Not bad

    Good Points:

    I like the header. The use of colour and the thumb image at the top are quite nice.

    I like the idea for the site. Good stuff!

    Impressive javascript!
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    Know of a Client-Side CMS?

    Hello all,

    I run a client-side only collection of html documents, which currently use VBscript for update purposes.

    I am looking to re-create the documents so that all of the information on...
  13. Confused

    I tried to fathom what this comment actually meant. I failed.
  14. Reply

    I would recommend PHP.

    It stores information in databases very nicely, and you can edit the information in the database easily (ie; add more hotels or change prices etc.)

    You can call PHP...
  15. More info

    You'll have to give us a little more information mate. Don't reveal the project, but a few questions would be wether you want to make a program, a website or something else? And what kind of things...
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    VBscript Error - 'Input past end of file'

    Hiya guys,

    I have the following snippet of VBscript, which is causing the error 'Input past end of file', and is stopping some of the page loading.

    IF f(0) = "CentrePanel" then
  17. Thank you, I'll have a tat!

    Thank you, I'll have a tat!
  18. It is just for intranet pages, yes. Some silly...

    It is just for intranet pages, yes.

    Some silly sausage decided to place lists of names on to multiple HTML pages and then link them via 'A, B, C etc...' links, so you have to click J, and then...
  19. Search multiple intranet pages with one javascript form?

    There are multiple intranet pages with a list of names on them that are updated regularly.

    At the moment, there is no easy way to check if a name is on the pages without going in to each one at a...
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    The code is pretty much as stated.

    The code is pretty much as stated.

    <a href="#">Back to top</a>

    ... should work on it's own, and does in Firefox and IE7+.

    I also tried...
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    Back to top link not working in IE6

    Whether I create a link that is simply href="#", or point it to a div via href="#nameofdiv", all I get is a The page cannot be displayed error.

    Seems to work in other browsers and newer versions...
  22. A form where to output is text copied to the clipboard?

    Imagine I have a HTML form that asks:

    Customer Name: [ textbox ]
    Customer NINO: [ textbox ]

    And then a submit button.

    On hitting submit, I would like the following text pulled to the...
  23. Thread: Include VBS?

    by Haze1434

    Include VBS?

    In the same way that I can put:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="mystyle1.css">

    Can I include VBscript files in a page? I can't get it to work.

    I'm assuming it would be...
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    Don't use float right. Use two float left's...

    Don't use float right. Use two float left's inside a centered DIV (if that's how you want it)

    Take a look at the Div's in the middle of this page:


    This means that...
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    #leftbit { width: 100px; height:...

    width: 100px;
    height: 100px;
    border: 1px solid #000;
    float: left;

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