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    Friends Could you please help me by giving any...

    Friends Could you please help me by giving any examples for tuts as i tried tags, labels and many other queries the only thing i get is for wordpress or blogger. my website have no connection with...
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    How to categorize my post in website ?

    Hi i am currently learning html css and java script. while learning i am also practicing.I have decided to make a sample movie site.

    here >>

    but the problem is how will...
  3. :deathshadow i have add more things to my web...


    i have add more things to my web check it and i am sure this time i will get less errors. please check it on my server

    home page :

    then click on...
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    What is z-ndex mostly used for ?

    I have read the definition on w3schools the only thing i understood is it is used to place items front and behind JUST! What is z-index used for? what is its positive and negative value represents?...
  5. :deathshadow Sir, First of all i must thank...


    Sir, First of all i must thank you for helping me and the triangle thing it was amazing to know which i never knew before. Secondly, i have some questions related with the html and...
  6. :Kevin2 Sir, all the points you taught i...


    Sir, all the points you taught i understood but i have one question in section why you gave width 100%?
  7. WOW *.* You guys are just amazing. I am new to...

    WOW *.* You guys are just amazing. I am new to css thats why my coding sucks. But Thank you guys for supporting a newbie i will be very very grateful to you guys. And i will try to re-code it...
  8. Problem with display of webpage in Internet Explorer

    Hi Guys,
    I was just trying to make a website while learning css and html. i wrote the following code but it shows perfectly in chrome, firefox but in internet explorer its not showing exactly like...
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    :Jedaisoul I know html and css well. Its my...


    I know html and css well. Its my first website. I read somewhere that to create vertical tabs you must use j query. Is it must for me to use use j query. Other two options NO i dont...
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    How can i make a page like structure?

    See the image first


    How i can make a page like structure that shows content and is also attached with the link on which...
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    how to play hosted videos on website

    I want to play hosted videos on my website. Which player i can use ?
  12. NogDog: "copyright protection/piracy" I...


    "copyright protection/piracy"

    I want to be illegal. I don't care about it. And i live in a country where hardly these rules apply.So Please guide me.
  13. All Requirements, tools & things needed to make a online movies webiste ?

    Hi Guys, I am totally new to this forum. I want to Make a website where people can watch online movies. what are the requirements, tools, codes, player (Need more info on player) needed to design...
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