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  1. Hi Fang Have taken a look at that link, but...

    Hi Fang

    Have taken a look at that link, but have to say I'm none the wiser. Any chance you could explain a little more - and in basic language?!

    Thanks, Simon.
  2. Hi Fang Have been playing around, and have...

    Hi Fang

    Have been playing around, and have fixed it with a straight replacement of

    <div align="right"><img src="masterimg/training-to-remember.jpg" alt="memorable training"/></div>
  3. Thanks for the reply, Fang. If I've...

    Thanks for the reply, Fang.

    If I've understood correctly (which is not always the case), the "h1" tag you suggest is directly linked to one particular picture - which would mean that I'd need...
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    Bought my first mac (PowerBook G4 laptop, 17"...

    Bought my first mac (PowerBook G4 laptop, 17" screen) in Summer 2006. Still using it right now, with not a single hitch/crash/problem, ever.

    That's why, after 15 years of PC's, I'm never going...
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    A good starting point

    is a book called "create your first web page in a weekend". I used this to teach me the very basics, and, whilst I still consider myself to be a newbie, it certainly helped to get me started.
  6. Text on image alignment - a simple one for you brilliant people!

    Have to say, this site has been incredible in helping me with my initial site set up, and now, a redesign (partly aesthetic, partly cleaning up the html - I used iWeb to start with, but have...
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    No idea about the technical side of a site like...

    No idea about the technical side of a site like that, but it looks absolutely awesome, is really easy to use and understand, and (as long as Google don't sue because of the look) it should do really...
  8. Have had a quick look round, and it looks nice,...

    Have had a quick look round, and it looks nice, although the quality of some of the images (when enlarged) is a bit poor.

    The other two quick things I noticed were:

    1) In Firefox, the contact...
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    Great stuff - thanks Buzzlord. Am working on both...

    Great stuff - thanks Buzzlord. Am working on both of those issues so hopefully Google will decide to love me!

    I'm also trying to slim down the html code a lot, as I gather the Google Caffeine...
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    Thanks all!

    You're a great bunch - thank you. I've posted a new thread now - taking a lot of your comments on board, I'm starting a complete redesign.

    Please take a look at "Website redesign...is it worth...
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    Website redesign...is it worth it?

    Hello all!

    Have had great (as in helpful!) feedback from here before, so thought I'd try again. I've taken a lot of the comments from earlier on board, and am in the process of a major redesign. A...
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    Help with 301 redirects - please!

    I'm a rather new website builder/administrator, and have a slightly tricky (for me) problem that I'd like a little help with.

    One page of my website is:
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    It's good looking, but I'm not really sure what...

    It's good looking, but I'm not really sure what I'm look at! I can see two (very nice) photos, and, if I click on the thumbnails, I can switch between the two (the scroll arrows at the sides don't...
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    I think I've been through all the pages now, and...

    I think I've been through all the pages now, and the mistake you spotted was all over the place! I think it was because I changed the font size in my global .css file, which affected the alignment of...
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    Hi rocoso

    Thanks for pointing that out. I've made 6 adjustments now (on all the client pages 1,2,3,4,5,6, and I'll keep checking the others.

    Much appreciated!
  16. Hi Verikal

    I do it via a .htaccess page.

    I've done a bit more investigation, and it seems that (at least part of) the problem is that the site I am redirecting from also uses rewrites for the page names -...
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    One small thing

    ...have just noticed that in your <title> section, you've misspelt "Development" as "Developement"

    My wife spotted a typo on my site this morning - I was gutted!
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    Looks good on a mac...

    Just taken a look on my mac (powerbook G4 running Firefox and Safari) and it looks good - really clean and crisp. I've not checked every link, but all the bits I've clicked on work in both Firefox...
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    Thanks Luke

    I'll take a look at the validation tool you suggest. In terms of the divs and navigation, this is about the only bit I've not changed at all from how it comes out as standard in iWeb. Whilst iWeb is...
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    My first self-built website

    As a bit of a control freak, I decided to build my own website for my company back in June, and, a few months later, it seems (to me) to be taking shape quite nicely.

    I built the original bits on...
  21. 301 redirects - probably a simple answer!

    I'd appreciate a little help! I've recently changed my company (and therefore website), and have started redirecting from the old website to the new one. Most parts are straightforward, even for me!...
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