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  1. how to access old host, urgent please, want to delete files

    I changed host 2 days ago as the host did things not normal.
    I am sort of in argue with my host and finally managed to find out how to enter cpanel using this:...
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    ajax (easy ajax alternatives)

    Hi, I have a availability-calculator price script in php-mysql
    that I would like to display with Ajax.
    However I cant manage as I cant find any scripts that I am able to modify to my needs as I am...
  3. Bug in ie 6, 7 and 8 with slideshow loading image

    I am using a slideshow, I dont know javascript however do understand something, and been researching trying to find a bug (a hack) as the slideshow have a loading image that shows up while the images...
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    I have a searcherbox, if possible to give links...

    I have a searcherbox, if possible to give links you can try it here http://www.marbellasunrentals.com
    As you can see the result is not displayed as a normal table, ie with columns and rows, the...
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    reorder a mysql query with javascript

    I have managed to change all my tables in my intranet to sort with javascript instead of using php.
    However to do on my website (searcherbox) I cant use same script as I have all rows in one...
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