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    @Logic Ali Thanks! Splitting on "; " as opposed...

    @Logic Ali Thanks! Splitting on "; " as opposed to just ";" solved all my problems. I didn't realize the document.cookie automatically added a space between the different cookies.
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    For Loop not working properly

    I am attempting to create something that will store a person's name and favorite color as cookies, and then display the person's favorite color if they have already entered it. This is the code:...
  3. I am adding something where users can open up a...

    I am adding something where users can open up a small selection pane on the side and select their teachers, and buttons will be created on the main page that link directly to their teachers'...
  4. Using onmousedown and onmouseup for the .getElementsByClassName method

    Hi people,
    I have a class of links defined as .button, they are highly stylized and look like links. I want to set it so that
    onmousedown, the background color and border style will change, and...
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