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  1. I have TEXTAREA form, i want to add DROP DOWN LIST BOX beside it,like prefix in forum

    Hi guys

    i have comment form code (in black colour) below, user type the comment in TEXTAREA, and click the Submit button

    i want to add DROP DOWN LIST BOX before it, that user can choose, and...
  2. Showing ads only to 20% percent of visitors. Or different ads to another 80% visitors

    Hi guys, how to do this in a php file

    Showing ads only to 20% percent of visitors. Or showing different ads to another 80% visitors

    any way that can work, maybe using time intervals, like the...
  3. [Database store in array] Help make the order change, from the front to be the end

    Hi guys,

    1. i have a database field stored in array, the default is like this
  4. How to make page title, auto refresh every x seconds (using javascript/jquery/others)

    I have a php file lets say file1.php, that printing a variable, its dynamic numbers output that already always increasing, like private message numbers that coming or others :

  5. I can populating a text field from drop down. Help make it populating two text fields

    Here are a simple script, for populating a text field from drop down,
    for example how it works : user clicking on option 1, then the textfield showValue1 will filled/fired with 1a
  6. How to go to anchor link (for example the bottom page), after clicking submit button?

    Using below script after clicking the button it will reload the page and starting the application

    I want people go to anchor link location after clicking the submit button, for example go to the...
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    our website and some contest

    I am posting the following message for the admin of Traffic Geek.....

    Traffic Geek has recently started a new forum and is having their first posting contest during the month of October.
  8. (Easy enough) What is the right RewriteRule inhtaccess for this...

    it is very simple actually, i just want redirect all pages from

    domain.com/?pagename to domain.com/pagename

    so i just want to remove the ? character

    what is the right Rule in htaccess...
  9. This little script make popup only appear once, but need little edit

    Hi guys

    below script is working to make popup only appear once in our website, but maybe its need some edit/fix

    For example its working
    first, user go to...
  10. I had try change to red below, but no one working...

    I had try change to red below, but no one working

  11. here is advanced_search_result.php file content :

    here is advanced_search_result.php file content :
  12. Help make set minimum character for OSCommerce search, example set for 4 character

    Hi guys, below is default OSCommerce complete search file, the file name is advanced_search_result.php

    oscommerce is very free famous script, but..

    ironically this file is searching all words...
  13. (Easy enough) How to rename a mysql field

    in this picture i want to change "Recent Blog Entries" to just "Blog"

  14. Conflict, What is the right htaccess rule, default homepage file with htaccess?

    i want www.domain.com is directed to the www.domain.com/forum.php

    usually i use this htaccess rule to define default homepage file

    but in one of my website, above rule is conflict...
  15. Form output using mysql, search people name in specific category

    I have search php forms that connecting to mysql, for search people name in all category and search people name in specific category

    People name field in mysql : people_name , example : John,...
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    i am searching script for link download sharing...

    i am searching script for link download sharing like rapidshared.org
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    Script for site like rapidshared.org

    i am confuse i had searching in google and hotscripts.com but cant find script for site like rapidshared.org

    user can share/submit link download from rapidshare and others file hosting site

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    hmmm dont you know a little info about this...

    hmmm dont you know a little info about this script?
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    vixy.net clone script

    if anyone know information for vixy.net clone script please let us know the link and disccuss it

    these site is using vixy.net clone script, but where we can get the script

  20. [Using what] inline ads for non english site??

    my site is using non english language (indonesia)

    i want using inline ads

    what company i can use???

    kontera just accept english site
  21. [How to] More appear & clicks adbrite inline ads

    I use adbrite inline ads since august 2007

    before august, 7 2007 i get about 9-12 clicks perday from inline ads and get $0.5 - $1 (traffic only 3000 views perday), inline ads are appear often in...
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    Best anti-leech script for hide url

    i have web service people can embed mp3 song

    but i dont want they know the real mp3 song

    i need anti-leech script so mp3 url like this http://www.domain.com/mp3url.mp3 is masked like...
  23. Create mask url in new window [on downloads site]

    Hi guys

    i have downloads site
    if you click on download button you will redirect to other web page in new window to download the file

    i want address bar in this other web page still viewing...
  24. it could be something like this, look code in...

    it could be something like this, look code in blue below, but that is not the right code


    // ++================================================ =========================++
  25. What is code for "Only user with avatar" - i am using vbulletin

    1. Hi guys i have php file from vbulletin zoints local for viewing user, but the file below is viewing user with avatar and user with no avatar

    I need Only viewing user with avatar, not viewing...
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