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    Best way to download large files?

    I'm developing an app where users send a link to a PHP scripts that passes the link to a server which downloads the file. My thoughts were for the downloading server to have another PHP scripts which...
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    Perhaps bring a competitive aspect into it? Give...

    Perhaps bring a competitive aspect into it? Give two teams a basic description then give them a few hours to finish the build. After the deadline have other users judge the widgets. You could also...
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    How to handle illegal user content?

    I'm coming up with a new site and it involves users uploading whatever they'd like to their folder hosted by me. The trick is they won't actually be uploading but rather I'll be downloading the file...
  4. Putting aside all the legal issues and fees what...

    Putting aside all the legal issues and fees what are some ways of getting a collection that big?
  5. How to gather music for a site like Pandora or spotify?

    I've been searching through the inter-webs for a solution for getting the millions of songs needed for a site like Pandora. I've applied for access to Grooveshark's API but if that falls through, is...
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    Best CMS for my project?

    I'm making a site for a local nutritional shake shop and looking for the best cms to use. The site will be fairly simple with things such as contact info and the usual for a small business but they...
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