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  1. append Statement needs to be broken for any element? Please HeLP

    This was created as simple jquery Store Cart feature. however, I am not as clean wiht getting the data to dynamically show to correct HTML5 elements (divs).

    This append Code sucks, but works....
  2. How to wrap a button click to initiate function

    I ok with jQquery, I have been trying for hours on how to wrap a button click function to this.

    There is a onclick function on button called 'SendTransferAction', but still need to wrap it in the...
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    Can anyone help us figure out, why when we do the iframe src(url) load as we have below, some of our iframe content changes do not stay. They apear as the page is loading. then once the page is...
  4. jQuery This is in place does not do the check validation expression on the field

    I got this in place

    function SendTransferAction(){
    alert('ia m transferrring');
  5. jQuery jquery.fn.validate to work with from by form name NOT just FORM (specific)

    I would like to initate the jquery.validation as is but for a specific form by form name. I can't seem to understand what do change everything I tried it still does not validate or change for that...
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    Here is HTML we want to Hide is field has visible...

    Here is HTML we want to Hide is field has visible setting to it:

    <div id="tab-holder">
    <input type="radio" name="profiletypes" id="profiletypeAvatar" value="1" class="fan"> <h3...
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    need help with jquery if and div being visibile

    Tried Several ways:

    var TabLink = joms.jQuery(this).contents().find("#jsnamemsg").html();
    var getStyle =...
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    how to locate Iframe DIV id find and Hide..

    I am trying to get to see if a specific label id HTML is '*gender' is visible and if it is hide another ID located on the parent to the iframe.

    Please advise:

    Here is my snippet of code.

  9. jQuery I am trying to get the template to load into a...

    I am trying to get the template to load into a div or just to display the contents of that template file:

    var repeater = $('#pageContent').load('includes/OrderLookup.php');

    that does not...
  10. jQuery I changed my code some. Using function(dataRow),...

    I changed my code some. Using function(dataRow), I can gather the Temlate file.
    But problem now is the function cannot be inside of the Main function and work properly.

    How to wrap that function...
  11. jQuery how to load() a template file, then pass it as a variable or do an alert test

    I am using php, and need to load() this , template content php file into the jquery and pass it to a #div ID to render front-end view.

    I am not sure how to load the php file in jquery and then...
  12. SEO Help please, with link going to correct SEO path

    I need som SEO help here, I am using joomla with custom coded added.

    But when we trun on our SEO feature everything is good, but our links are not going to the correct path.

    Here is an...
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    Encode php line code url, please help

    Need a little direction with this.

    I am trying to encode this line so it write the URL dislayed as somewhat encode form souorce viewer.

    The URL:
  14. Got the query to run correct, but still not retunign the rows of photos

    I fixed the $query to return the correct row when I run it in MySQL directly in the database but on php code , here is the error I am getting now..

    Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied...
  15. Need help getting photos in array and display in loop, returning none now

    I am trying to return all the photos in the database that has the albumid associated with that table info. I can echo the $album->id (albumid) no problem, but my query it think is somewhat off....
  16. foreach code for implode count, help please

    I need to return each number from 1 - 10000 individually

    to out each number as part of url to build the link.
    How to write out the the foreach syntax, please help

    $thumbnails =...
  17. Need to transfer files from http url to ftp folder or local folder

    I got this script:

    But it give me error, file_get_contents cannot open stream.

    I need to add the FTP connection with user/pass paramaters.

    then look in set http url, to get the file...
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    Need stop/msg at set# of uploads

    I need some quick help with this, This is my file upload row loop,
    I want to add the if <b>k = 4</b>, then you have reached the maximum upload.
    Or something to that Effect.

    PRetty much only...
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    I am using just this simple windws.location. but...

    I am using just this simple windws.location. but it does not fully do the trick.

    I need to add the zip code as the if and the reffere, then perform windows.location, if the exist, then perform...
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    Help with Redirect from URL paramaters

    I have this javascript here, I am trying to gather the zip and referrer and aaa_redir_url from the URL, which I have them being called as a variable.
    But if there is not zip in url, to then redirect...
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    Get tri level menu working

    Here is my code:

    I have my code setup to write out the menu dynamically.
    It builds the second teer, the problem is getting the third teer to show and hide to it's appropriate parent section.
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    Get sub menu working

    I am generating my menu dynamically as a dhtml menu.
    however the third level 'MenuSubCat'. I cannot get it to display properly and to loop all the third level sub menus to correct second leve menu....
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