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  1. JS to open a folder which is found on my computer

    Hello All

    Can anyone please help me on an onclick function that open a folder which is found on my computer (C:\Letter\Files).Thanks.
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    Saveas Dialog box

    Hello All

    I have a js function which load a whole letter in a div and have a print button that allow the user to print the letter. I have to add an option that allow the user to save the letter in...
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    PDF generator via javascript

    Dear All,

    I am actually working on an ASP and JavaScript project which purpose is to generate letters and print them.The generation and printing part is working well.Now I have to add an other...
  4. JS function that replace an element using it's id by a value

    Hello everyone,
    I am getting difficulties in writing a js function:
    " function replace(divId,argValue) " which take parameters id and value.The work of this function is that it should replace the...
  5. Thanks :-)

    Thanks :-)
  6. Onclick event change button name and js funtion accordingly

    Hello everyone.

    I have 2 buttons named "Add" & "Edit" respectively. The thing that i have to do is that when I click on "Add" the name of "Edit" change to "Display" which on click eventually call...
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