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  1. Unable to communicate with secure web proxy on iOS 8

    I am attempting to connect to a web proxy server using the Charles proxy application installed on Windows.

    I have two iPhones - a 5 running iOS 8.0.2 and a 4 running iOS 7.1.2.

    I have used both...
  2. Issue with exorbitant number of conflicts following a second git rebase on branch

    I am fairly new to the concept of rebasing with Git, and I have been following the guidance from a StackOverflow post by doing this:

    git fetch
    git checkout CRM-my-feature-branch
    git rebase -i...
  3. One of the problems I have is that I don't...

    One of the problems I have is that I don't actually know the pattern i'm looking for. I could quite easily do a preg_match on the User Agent string if I knew what the UA string was for the Android...
  4. detect native/stock Android browser User Agent string via PHP

    I am getting a lot of JavaScript errors on the native/stock Android 4.1 browser only and I would like to detect the User Agent string via PHP.

    I use the Mobile_Detect library to check for OS,...
  5. I have the same problem, is there an equivalent...

    I have the same problem, is there an equivalent of 0.5px for Chrome?
  6. emails not sending from CentOS 5.6 VM on Win7 via PHP

    I am experiencing an issue where my CentOS 5.6 (Final) VM running on Windows 7 has stopped sending emails from my PHP code.

    I'm confident this isn't a coding issue as I have the exact same code...
  7. Google Analytics revenue metrics are available for internal site search

    I am currently studying for the Google Analytics Individual Certification exam and have came across this question in my study.

    1. per-visit goal value

    2. per-visit ecommerce value

  8. force the focus to leave a form field with jQuery in iOS

    Using jQuery or something similar, is it possible to detect when a user has clicked away, effectively removed focus, from a form field in iOS? I have conventional form which has a first name, last...
  9. Apache vhosts config RewriteCond to ignore part of URL

    I am attempting to control redirections on my site using the Apache vhosts config.

    I have two-letter regions setup, such as /fr, /de, /es, which I am currently ignoring as you will see from my...
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    WOW - those implementations certainly look...

    WOW - those implementations certainly look interesting, but i'm really just looking to capture the click at any stage really. Either the click of the 'Like' or the 'Post to Facebook' click.
  11. reporting to two Google Analytics profiles using AddThis config - data_ga_property

    I am using the AddThis widget include to display the social buttons on my site. I wish to be able to track clicks with Google Analytics, and the documentation appears to support this. However, I...
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    capture click of Facebook 'Like' button

    I am looking on the Facebook Developers Documentation to locate some sample code that would allow me to capture a click event on the "Like" button. It states:

    I am using XFBML, this is my...
  13. Junior/Graduate PHP Web Developer in Glasgow, Scotland

    I am a Senior PHP Analyst/Programmer currently working in Glasgow City Centre, Scotland and we are currently looking for a junior developer/university graduate to join our team.

    Our site is built...
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    Thanks, I always wondered what these codes meant.

    Thanks, I always wondered what these codes meant.
  15. Apache vhosts is not dealing with ServerAlias full URL redirection

    I have a redirect setup at a domain level where I forward traffic from www.crmpicco.co.uk to www.crmpicco.com.

    I have re-encountered an issue where I can not browse to www.crmpicco.co.uk/ibrox and...
  16. This worked

    This worked
  17. [RESOLVED] htaccess RewriteRule to redirect from a directory that doesn't exist

    I am attempting to redirect any URLs that attempt to access a directory that doesn't exist, however I am getting a 404 when trying the following:

    There is no directory called picco (it used to...
  18. Unable to map network drive in Windows 7 to local CentOS VM

    I have a CentOS VM setup on my local Windows 7 machine for web development purposes and I need the ability to setup a Samba share in Windows to let me access the files.

    I have an IP allocated to...
  19. php apache file ownership and creation problem

    I am trying to do a really basic rename of a file to another name in my code. However there seems to be some ownership/permissions problem that is stopping this working correctly.

    This is my...
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    This is just a final wee thread bump for this now...

    This is just a final wee thread bump for this now that the event is on Sunday morning. Very much looking forward to this.

    Anyways, for anyone that has been paid now ;) and is in a charitable...
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    Walk With Walter for UNICEF Sponsorship

    Hi folks,

    Iím raising money for UNICEF using JustGiving and wondered if anyone would be willing to sponsor me for £1/$1 (or anything you can afford).

    This is for the "Walk with Walter" charity...
  22. official study material for the Google Analytics Qualification

    I am interesting in studying Google Analytics with the goal of becoming proficient in this subject. I'd also like to sit the exam that Google provide.

    I would like to know if there is an official...
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    update a XML document with PHP


    I am looking for a way to edit a XML document with PHP. My investigations so far have led to me to the proposal of using XSLTProcessor to output the XML file with values being editable in...
  24. Installing Kohana: ReflectionException [ -1 ]: Class controller_kohana does not exist


    I have just installed the Kohana framework as per instructions, all tests passed and then I was hit by this error:

    "ReflectionException [ -1 ]: Class controller_kohana does not exist"
  25. If you take a look at the attached screenshot...

    If you take a look at the attached screenshot you'll see the problem on IE6. The URL to replicate this is as below:


    The CSS being used is as follows:

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