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    how to remove last divider image from menu

    I've created a menu, & give it a divider image so every list item looks separate from each other. but how do I remove the last divider? as it's looking odd there. here is the code I'm using from...
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    How to markup this image with html5?

    Hi, I'm a web-design learner. I was converting a psd file to html template when I faced this problem. please see my attachment. How do I markup this section called "Latest Blog Post" ? I have my own...
  3. Thank you very much!! Actually I'm new in this...

    Thank you very much!! Actually I'm new in this field, so I forgot to validate my code.
    Problem Solved, everything is working fine.
  4. Pseudo-elements are working in Chrome but not in Opera or Firefox

    I'm trying to convert a PSD file to a working HTML template but am facing a problem while working on pseudo-elements.

    Check out this page:...
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